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Chinese New Year Day 10 Feb 2013

10th Feb 2013 Chinese New Year Day


Italy Cover

Giovanni Giorgi (27 November 1871 - 19 August 1950) was an Italian electrical engineer who invented the Giorgi system of measurement, the precursor to the International System (SI).
Giorgi was born in Lucca and studied engineering at the Institute of Technology of Rome, he worked at Fornaci Giorgi in Ferentino, then was the director of the Technology Office of Rome between 1906 and 1923. He also taught at the University of Rome between 1913 and 1939.
Toward the end of the 19th century, after James Clerk Maxwell's discoveries, it was clear that electric measurements could not be explained in terms of the three fundamental units of length, mass and time. Therefore, in 1901, Giorgi proposed to the AEI (Associazione Elettrotecnica Italiana) a new system that had as fundamental units the metre, the kilogram, the second and a fourth unit to be chosen from the units of electrotechnology.
In 1935 this was adopted by the IEC as the Giorgi system, also known as MKSΩ, because the fourth fundamental unit was that of electrical resistance, the ohm. In 1960, at the 11th General Conference of Weights and Measures, the SI (International System) was adopted, which was based on seven fundamental units: metre, kilogram, second, ampere, kelvin, mole and candela.
Giorgi died in Castiglioncello, Livorno at the age of 79.

Pmk Italy - Giuseppe Verdi

Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (10 October 1813 – 27 January 1901) was an Italian Romantic composer, mainly of opera. Some of his themes have long since taken root in popular culture – such as "La donna è mobile" from Rigoletto, "Va, pensiero" (The Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves) from Nabucco, "Libiamo ne' lieti calici" (The Drinking Song) from La traviata and the "Grand March" from Aida.
 special postmark from Stamp Exhibition
Thanks Marco Pendoni (italy)
25 Jan 2013 sent
17 Feb 2013 Arrived China



If any island, however small it may be, wishes to become a state, it will issue a postage stamp. This stamp will in turn bestow upon the island the mark of statehood in the same way that the sea marks its borders.
 The white cane is not only an aid that helps the blind and visually impaired person to achieve independence but is at the same time the symbol of the blind and visually impaired citizens in the society.

UAE Snake

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Postcard Mexico

Isla Mujeres MEXICO

Thanks Emilia from Canada

21-DEC-2012 MAYA

Nueva Era Y Equinoccio Mundo Maya 21-12-2012
New Era Dated 21 DEC 2012
Thanks Cecilia Osuna Bermudez in Mexico


Year of Snake Thailand

Year of Snake 2013 

Year of Snake Slovenia

FDC Slovenia
Year of Snake FDC 25 Jan 2013
arrived 8 Feb 2013
thanks Adam 

12 Years of Animal

12 Years of Animal, Dragon (2012) Snake (2013)
thanks Irene Chen

Building Indonesia

Building Indonesia 
17 Jan 2013 sent
arrived 8th Feb 2013 China
Thanks Irene Chen 

Cover from Russia

Covers From Russia
 WWF 11-01-2013, arrived 08-02-2013
send 10 Jan 2013
Arrived 9 Feb 2013
Thanks Yu E Kitaev

FDC Wind Power

FDC Parkistan
1st Wind Farm Power Project in Pakistan

24 Dec 2012 
arrived 8th Feb 2013
Thank Patrick Liang

FDC Woodpecker

FDC Malayisa
arrived China 8th Feb 2013
Thanks KKK, SEE Peilin, Tay Bin Sze and Kelvin FOO