Yongmiri Standing Stone Buddha

yongmiri standing stone buddha is placed on the left top side of yongam temple located in jangji mountain, yongmi-ri gwangtan-myeon. this standing stone buddha which deemed to be produced in goryeo dynasty is the two rocks' huge buddha with a neck, head and hat on the main body rock by using the natural rock wall. this shows the folk characteristic. the huge natural stone is threatened. because of a restriction of rock, the body is not balanced.
according to the oral tradition, wonribbul is the statue of the man and bangribbul is the statue of the woman. in goryeo dynasty, king seonjong didn't have a child, so that he married wonsingungju. but, she was unable to have the prince. she was worried, and one day, she dreamed. in her dream, two buddhist priests said "we are living in a crevice of the rock in the southern foot of jangji mountain. we are hungry. give us the food" and then disappeared. the princess awaking from the dream told the king and the king sent the man to jangji mountain. that man reported "two huge rocks stand in a row below jangji mountain". the king commanded people to carve two buddhist priests on the rock immediately and built the temple to offer the buddhist service. then, in that day, the prince han sanhu was born. such the myth was satirized but the period of building the standing stone buddha can be estimated because of a definite king's name was mentioned. also, on the side wall of the buddha, 200 letters' sentences are carved faintly, but it is difficult to read because it is defaced. it seems to be the word of mouth contents. many women who are unable to have a baby come to this place to offer the buddhist service.